Pin on Solvent Traps

The need to clean your firearm is essential, and that goes for everyone who uses them regularly. If you want to have a firearm functioning correctly, you should consider laying off and adequately disposing of solvent. Solvent trap kits are cleaning systems responsible for capturing and effectively disposing of solvent to improve your firearm’s efficiency.

A solvent trap kit is only as significant as the parts that make up the entire set. Some of the elements included in a solvent trap kit include thread mounts, end caps, tube extension, and storage cups. Each part has a part to play to ensure that you have your firearm free of solvent. Storage cups are a crucial part of the solvent trap kit, so why is this so?

What are Solvent Trap K Cups

The three dry solvent trap cups at Armory Den come in three forms; dry storage standard cups, dry storage adaptive cups, and dry storage K cups. All solvent storage cups lack dimples or center markings. As much as the designs are different, all the solvent storage cups are similar, and they serve the same purpose.

Concerning our product in question, solvent trap K cups are meant for the 9″ Aluminum 7075 Solvent Trap with 8 D Cell Stainless Steel K Cups – Includes Both Thread Mounts. These solvent trap K cups are made of 304 stainless steel to provide you with quality service when you decide it’s about time to lay off the solvent from your firearm.


The Significance of Using Solvent Trap K Cups

Having a set of solvent trap K cups from Armory Den will allow you to enjoy multiple services from them. They are the best, efficient, and sufficient for your firearm cleaning process. The reasons to have them with you include;

1. The 60 Degrees Regulation

Our dry storage K cups abide by the 60 Degree regulation set by the law enforcement agency – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms, based in the US.

2. Stability

The solvent K cups’ design has a level base that enables them to sit appropriately and offer stability when placed on a surface.

3. Portable

These storage K cups’ flat surfaces make it possible for a firearm-licensed owner to use them while traveling or whenever they please. They are firm enough not to shake off and fall while doing the cleaning process, which means none of the solvents will spill during the procedure.

4. Diameter

Storage K cups are compatible with all tube extensions with a D cell diameter.

5. Durable and Efficient

The stainless steel material used in manufacturing these solvent K cups is durable and allows the solvent trap kit’s smooth usage.


Benefits of Using Storage K Cups

There are vital benefits that you will enjoy if you opt for solvent storage K cups. As part of the entire firearm cleaning kit, you get to benefit in;

• Cleaning – They are a crucial part of the entire kit as they help filter and replace the sealed end caps to get rid of debris and coarse elements. The process allows you to reuse the solvent kit without experiencing wear and tear.

• Storage – Any oil, whether bore oil, lubricant, or CLP oil, medication, prepper supplies, and cleaning patches can be sectioned in storage K cups for the next use

• Safety – To avoid losing any debris after cleaning, you can store them on solvent K cups for recycling.

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