Diamonds are not only available in the mines nowadays. Technological advancement has reached such an extent where the researchers can now “grow” the diamond in lab conditions. Of course, many people label these stones as fake diamonds. But if you get the same shine, same durability, and same cuts at a much cheaper rate, then why won’t you avail of the alternative? These are not the dirty diamonds, after all, for miners don’t have to blast the stones out using dynamite and diesel. Also, as humans are preparing these diamonds, there will be negligible imperfections. 

Know about the origin

Do you know how many people’s blood has been drenching the diamond that you are wearing? Of course, you don’t get such information. But the so-called fake rings grow inside the laboratories. You can get all information about the simulated diamonds from the seller. It will give you the peace of mind that you are not trying to show off something that has been the reason for the bloodshed and misery of millions of miners. There have been many massacres at the diamond mines, and so, it is the best idea to avoid the things that have no good stories behind the origin. But the lab diamonds are the perfect examples of the product of science and technology.

Stop misusing environment

It is time to inspire others to start wearing fake diamonds instead of the ones you find in the mines. Diamond mines are very deep holes on the earth’s surface, and humans dig these holes in search of expensive rocks. There is the use of machines, and much power consumption happens. But the lab diamonds are vegan. The researchers never try to disbalance the ecological aspects. By wearing the fake rings, you show your support to save Mother Earth from the continuous acts of mining. 

Managing expenses

You will be glad to know that the simulated stones are less expensive than the original diamonds. As a result, you can afford to buy fake diamond rings at a lower price and save money. Nowadays, it is not a feasible option to waste money buying something that has no beneficial contribution to your health or lifestyle. If you have a high budget and want to spend it to buy the ring, then get yourself a big-size simulated rock instead of the small original one that will be the same expensive.