If you own a car, then it is your responsibility to safeguard it from bad weather. Constructing a new garage may not be possible if you are low on your budget. In such a case, you can construct a simple, but highly effective wooden carport. Carports Darwin professionals can construct a simple carport using a few basic power tools. They will also come up with the perfect design to accommodate your requirements and be within your budget. 

Choosing the right plan

You can come across different types of plans. You should first discuss with the Carports Darwin company about your requirements and budget set. Being experienced and having undertaken several projects previously can help you to adhere to the prevailing local building codes. Remember that there are strict legal requirements that you need to comply with when constructing carports or making any additions to your house. 


Once you get to know the constraints, the next step is to determine the carport type to construct. It should be something that fits perfectly your budget, tastes, preferences and needs. In case, you need quick access to your house or have a narrow backyard, then the attached carport is sure to satisfy your requirements. Besides this, you can have the carport attached to your existing building. This will help keep down the expenditures and make full use of your available land.

Constructing a large carport

You can plan to construct a large carport to accommodate two or more cars or to make it the focal point in your garden. If so, the Carports Darwin agency will come up with a freestanding construction design. Next, decide if you desire to construct a carport with a gable roof or a lean one. You may include lattice panels or keep the building sides open to safeguard your vehicle from poor weather elements. 

What will be required?

Constructing a simple carport will be quick and easy for the Carports Darwin professionals. They will set a few 4×4 posts in concrete. Next, they will attach 2×6 rafters after which roofs will be covered with plywood sheets. Finally, asphalt shingles will be installed and the carport laid properly. For this purpose, string and batter boards will be used. Wooden posts will be secured temporarily using 2×4 braces until the concrete dries out. 2×6 support beam will be attached on the carport’s sides and locked with carriage bolts. Once their ends are cut at right angles, rafters are fitted in-between these components. 

Hiring the experienced Carports Darwin professionals, you can rely on their expertise and relax.