If you’ve ever received a negative review on your business page, you know the feeling—it can be frustrating and discouraging. But don’t worry, there are ways to handle these reviews and delete them if necessary. In this article, we’ll explain the dynamics of deleting a Google review, so you can understand the process better and take appropriate actiondelete negative google reviews (negative google bewertungen löschen).

Google My Business Guidelines for Review Removal

Before we go into detail about how to delete a review, it’s important to understand what types of reviews are allowed on Google My Business (GMB). GMB has certain guidelines that they expect businesses to adhere to when it comes to reviews. Generally speaking, reviews should be honest and accurate reflections of customers’ experiences with your business. This means that fake or misleading reviews will not be tolerated. Any reviews containing profanity or hate speech should also be flagged for removal by GMB.

It’s also worth noting that while GMB does allow businesses to respond to customer reviews, they do not offer an option for businesses to remove any customer-generated content from their page without approval from the review poster themselves. This means that if you have received a negative review from a customer, the only way for it to be removed is if the customer requests its removal or if it violates one of GMB’s guidelines for removal.

Steps for Deleting Reviews on Google My Business

Once you have determined that a specific review meets one of GMB’s criteria for removal (e.g., hate speech, profanity), you can begin the process of getting it removed from your page. The first step is flagging the post as inappropriate by clicking on “Flag as inappropriate” in the dropdown menu next to the review in question. This will alert GMB and notify them that the post may require further investigation or action on their part. Once this has been done, GMB will investigate and determine whether or not the post should be removed based on their guidelines for acceptable content. If they agree with your assessment of the post being inappropriate/unacceptable, then they will remove it from your page within 48 hours after receiving your report.

In some cases however, even if a post does not meet any of these criteria for removal, there may still be other options available depending on why you want it removed in the first place (e.g., inaccuracies). In such cases, open dialogue with customers is encouraged before taking any drastic steps like deletion – this can help ensure that everyone involved is clear about expectations and potential resolutions before taking any irreversible actions like deleting a review altogether. Furthermore, responding directly and professionally with customers who have left negative feedback (in an attempt at resolution) is always recommended over simply deleting their posts without explanation – this could potentially damage future relationships with other customers who may see those deleted posts and assume that all negative feedback is simply ignored or silenced by management instead of addressed in a fair manner.


As outlined above, understanding how to delete Google reviews isn’t necessarily straightforward – but luckily there are ways around it depending on why you want them gone in the first place! It’s important to remember though that while deleting posts may seem like an easy solution at first glance – often times engaging with customers openly and professionally can actually prove more beneficial in terms of both public relations & reputation management as well as gaining valuable insight into what customers want/expect from their experiences with your business going forward! Ultimately though each case will vary and depend heavily upon individual circumstances so take care when deciding which route is best suited for addressing any particular issue regarding customer feedback/reviews! Thanks for reading!