Exercise bands are an easy way to add intensity and resistance to your workout without having to do a lot of fancy equipment. If you have ever used a weight belt or dumbbell before then you will know what I’m talking about when I say that you will be left feeling sore the next day! That’s because your muscles are being overworked and it takes time for them to recover. Here are some ideas on how you can use exercise bands to add some intensity to your workout.

When you first start using exercise bands you will want to work out with the recommended amount, which is usually two to three hours. When you first start you may feel weak and find that your workout is not challenging enough, but this is normal.

The best thing to do is to gradually increase the resistance level, this will ensure that your muscles get used to the added strain and increase in strength at a steady rate. They are also often used in medical treatment, most notably by cardiac rehabilitation patients to enable slow, yet steady rebuilding of lost strength in their body.

Another way to use exercise bands to add intensity to your workout is to perform short bursts of high resistance. For example, if you are lifting eighty pounds then try performing one repetition of a one-yard stretch, pause and do two more one-yard stretches.

As you increase the weights you will start to feel stronger, but at the same time you will notice that you are still able to stretch further. This type of exercise bands are great for building stamina and endurance as well. If you perform a set of eight exercises with forty pounds and then immediately jump to a set of sixteen exercises with eighty pounds then you are setting yourself up for an incredible burn off.

The last way that you can use exercise bands to help you with your fitness goals is to use them to create custom home gyms. Using a personal trainer to design your exercise bands and then use resistance bands to add resistance to your exercises can be a fantastic way to build muscle in your basement.

These personal trainers will have a wealth of knowledge about which exercises are best suited for what areas and which ones will give you the best overall results. You can have a customized workout band that is made specifically for your chest or back that will give you a toned, firmer chest in a matter of weeks.

The biggest misconception about exercise bands is that they don’t build muscle. In reality, resistance bands work by using gravity to help push weight up and resistance to keep it coming down. This creates a gradual resistance as you add weight to the bar and slow it down. Because gravity acts differently in different people, everyone will require a different amount of resistance bands to build muscle effectively.

Exercise bands are great for any gym beginner and as you continue to progress you can build on these exercise tools to include other resistance exercises as well. When you add one more tool to your home gym you have more opportunity to obtain bigger weights and increase the weights that you can handle with each set.

To start out you can start with the basic one band and add weights to it progressively over a three week period. As your body gets stronger you can switch to two bands and then eventually move up to three sets of exercise bands.