The most common questions that are normally asked by online poker newbies about the management of the bankroll at evodomino include the following:

  • How much should be in my bankroll?
  • How much money should I be able to win before I move up?

That is why it is important to have a guide about bankroll management because managing your bankroll is important to learn as a poker player. It is like knowing how to balance a checkbook.  If you are unable to learn how to do it, you might end up being one of those deadbeats, selling everything in site to gamble.

It doesn’t matter how much money you have or the bankroll management you embrace if you happen to be a losing player.

Your bankroll will be able to depend on the following variables:

Consider the type of game you are going to play

The game you play has a bigger role in having to determine your bankroll. It is because every game has its variance. Variance is the loses and wins or the ups and downs that are experienced in a poker game. It is very normal – every player goes through them. But it seems that some games have more variance as compared to others.

If, for example, you are playing fixed-limit hold’em, you will end up experiencing lesser variance as compared to someone playing no-limit hold’em. When you are playing the fixed limit game, you can only have to bet so much for a particular round, but with no limit game, the amount that you can be able to win or lose varies significantly.

It denotes that the more variance you are expecting, the more money you should expect to lose when down swinging. And the larger the bankroll you should have so that it covers the downswings.

Consider your opponents

 For this, you will have to think about it in different angles;

  • The better the payer you are playing against, the more breakeven or losing sessions you will encounter. The reason being that it is very hard to beat players who are good. It can lead to big swings, which will be both bad and good. That means that there will be a need to ensure your bankroll is padded so that you will be in a position to handle the bad ones.
  • You will have to think about the style that your opponent is using. If you are against loose players who are into playing big pots, you will have a big variance. But if you happen to play against tight players, then your variance will be less.

Consider your playing style

You have to also put into consideration how you play, your own playing style. If you happen to be a loose player, who likes playing a lot of hands, then it is likely that you will win and, at the same time, lose a lot of pots. As a looser, then your bankroll will need to be big. If you happen to be tighter, then your bankroll can be small.