A Typical question facing many new Mavic Two (Zoom and Pro) owners would be: What’s the Best Memory for Your Own DJI Mavic 2 pro and Mavic 2 Zoom?

There are lots of alternatives for micro-SD cards to your own Mavic two and deciding upon the most suitable choice for you could be hard! We’ve thoroughly tested many diverse brands of memory cards inside our drones and wished to talk about with you our adventures along with advocated micro-SD cards. As travelling photographers, we rely upon our own memory card to work every single time and also the cards we urge listed here are the people we use to our drones and that means that you may expect us if we say that these are a few of the greatest SD cards for the Mavic two Pro/Zoom!

DJI Mavic Two Memory Recommendation

DJI urges using memory cards which are in U3 ranked. Inside their instruction, they also state the Mavic two will need up cards to 128GB.

I have analyzed many cards also discovered that 16-GB cards tend not to do the job, however 32GB, 64GB and 128GB work amazing. I failed to examine any cards bigger than 128GB from the Mavic two as you’d require a backpack filled with batteries to keep up the drone long enough to even take enough video to fulfill out a card which large. Many 128GB memory cards are planning to be overkill to get a 100mbps video codec.

DJI Mavic 2 pro / Zoom Memory-card Tips

Buy cards Which Are just:

  • UHS I or higher,
  • U-3 or Increased
  • SDXC

The DJI Mavic 2 pro will format and then also make work with a 64bit file system. This usually means that the DJI Mavic will format the memory card into Ex Fat. Nevertheless, the video will nevertheless be divided into 4.7GB balls, which will be roughly five full minutes of the H.265 video. That is known as chaptering plus it’s done as a security precaution. When a clip becomes corrupt, you simply lose a max of five full minutes rather than the entire clip.

  • SDXC Compared to SDHC Memory Cards
  • SDXC memory cards may encourage 64 Bit
  • SDHC memory cards may only encourage 32 bit.
  • U-3 Compared to U-1

We found U-3 memory card cards run always superior to U-1 memory cards and also exceptionally urge U-3 memory cards within U-1. DJI officially recommends U-3 memory cards too.

U-3 sets the minimum recording rate to 30MB/s irrespective of the circumstance. Even in the event, the card remains either more fragmented or nearly full, are always going to receive yourself the absolute minimum write speed of 30MB/s.

U1 has the absolute minimum recording rate of 10MB/s. This usually means that you may view a drop in operation in some specific conditions.

As the DJI Mavic 2 Guru along with Mavic 2 Zoom just lists 100mbps (12.5MB/s), it takes a storage device to write rates of 12.5MB/s to use. Possessing a U-3 storage device helps to ensure your video won’t ever be disrupted by way of a drop-in rate.

Exactly what the brand newest stats composed on cards signifies

V-30, V 60 and V90.

This really may be precisely exactly the very exact same task as category 10, both U1 and U3.

V-30 = U-3

V 60 includes at the minimal speed of 60MB/s

V90 includes at the minimal speed of 90MB/s.