Technology is a driving factor of infrastructure nowadays in the Unites States. It is changing the various dimensions of living with better and advanced methods and options. This is why a number of new settlements are deploying these ideas to add sustainability to the new constructions. The recent and ongoing project of Highland bridge is a prime example for the case. This new settlement is a comprehensive arrangement of all sustainable and energy efficient techniques. Here are some of the premiere sustainability factors attached with the new project.

Use of renewable energy

The entire energy and power structure in the settlement will be based upon renewable sources and will be hundred percent devoid of carbon. It will include hydro-electric systems and will have the largest solar array in any urban settlement. This solar array will have a capacity of one-megawatt and will be constructed upon a share of land with a legacy and ownership of Ford. The area will be adjacent to this new settlement. On full construction the settlement can be consuming around five megawatts of electricity.

Efficient Buildings

All of the buildings in the new settlement whether large and commercial or multifamily residential will be equipped with solar energy resource. These sources will be certified with B3 certification or LEED. They will be in compliance with SB2030 sustainable policy for buildings in Saint Paul. Row homes in the area will also have an Energy star and LEED certification.


The area will be collecting stormwater on an onsite basis. It will be reused for creative purposes and will be connected with the central features of water. This system for collection of storm water will be equipped for improving the quality of water by removing ninety four percent of solid impurities. It will also catch phosphorous content by almost seventy five percent.