Among the most popular brands of watchmakers, Rolex is always the dominant name. And one of the dominating names in the catalog of the Rolex watches is the rolex air kingThe demand is still the same, although the present model has countless modifications from the earlier ones. The present form is a contemporary-style aviator’s tool watch. The dial resembles the cockpit instruments. In this guide, you will get to know about the top features of the version and clarify a few doubts that you may have about the watch.

Common characteristic

The modern form of Air-King is completely different from what it was many years back. You can get some of the vital information about the watch below:

    • The size of the case is 40mm
    • Black is the color of the dial
    • Flat sapphire crystal is one of the components
  • It can resist water up to 100 meters or 330 feet.
  • An oyster bracelet is present.

Interesting facts

Before you decide to pay a huge amount to add this unparalleled model to your collection, here are a few facts about the rolex air king regarding its evolution since the early days.

  1. A watch to honor the pilots

During and immediately after World War II, Rolex released the “Air” collection of watches. These were to honor the Air Force and the pilots. Air King is the only watch that is still in production of the company, although the product of Air-Giant, Air-Lion, and Air-Tiger stopped over time.

  1. It is large

The launch of the Air-King was grand, and it was a standalone collection. As the company re-released the watch in 2016, the design came up in a new way. The latest significant update of the watch is the larger 40 mm case that comes with the watch.

Finally, the anti-magnetic property of the new model has made it the king, indeed.

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