Help! My Garage Door is Uneven or Sagging - Creative DoorMany homeowners overlook their garage doors when it comes to home maintenance. But, just because your garage door is out of sight does not mean it should be out of mind. In fact, paying attention to your garage door and keeping it in good repair is essential to the security of your home. Your garage door is, after all, one of the most significant openings in your house. 

One way to help keep your garage door secure is by installing a seal. A seal helps to close the gap between your door and the ground, making it more difficult for intruders to slip through. Additionally, a seal can also help keep pests and drafts out of your garage. 


Step One: Measure the Gap

The first step to installing a Garage Bottom Seal is to measure the gap between your garage door and the ground. This will ensure that you purchase the correct seal size for your door. 

Use a tape measure to determine the width of the gap all the way around your door. If there are any particularly large gaps, you may want to consider installing two seals side by side.


Step Two: Cut the Seal to Size

Once you have determined the size of seal you need, cut it to length using a sharp knife. Make sure that the seal is long enough to go all the way around your door. 

If you are installing two seals, cut them both to size before moving on to the next step.


Step Three: Install the Seal

To install the seal, peel off the backing and press the seal into place around the perimeter of your door. Start at one end and work your way around until the entire seal is in place. 

If you are using two seals, make sure to install them side by side so that there are no gaps between them.


Step Four: Check the Seal

Once the seal is in place, open and close your door to make sure that it is still functioning correctly, you may need to adjust the seal slightly if it is interfering with the operation of your door. 

Additionally, check the seal periodically to make sure that it is still in place and in good condition. Replacing a seal is a quick and easy process, so there is no need to wait if the seal becomes damaged or wears out over time.


Step Five: Enjoy Your Peace of Mind

Installing a seal around your garage door is a simple and effective way to help improve the security of your home. In addition to deterring intruders, a seal can help keep pests and drafts out of your garage. 

Checking and replacing your seal regularly is an easy way to ensure that your garage door remains in good condition and continues to provide security for your home.



Installing a seal is a relatively straightforward process that any homeowner can complete in the afternoon. These simple steps can help protect your home from intruders and drafts!