A wedding day is definitely one of the most exciting days of a person’s life. It signifies change, progress, and happiness, and heralds the start of a new chapter of a person’s life. It also is an avenue for people to meet old friends, bring family together, and share that happiness with them. Many things are noteworthy on that day. The wedding splendour washes the audience in awe, but the ultimate highlight of the day is the couple; the groom in his smart dinner suit or tuxedo, looking splendid and stately while bidding his bachelor days goodbye, and the bride… the bride in an absolute work of art capturing the attention of all in attendance, showing her happiness and willingness to start a new life with her wooer.

In all this, it is important to note that the dress of the bride is one of the most important decisions of the wedding day. A few people delusion themselves into thinking any choice would do, and that any dress would fit into their wedding theme, even go as far as asserting that being finicky about a wedding dress is silly, but they are wrong. For many women, the wedding dress turns out to be the most expensive dress they ever own. It is common sense to want to pick the right dress that speaks to the whole situation one hundred percent.

Types of dresses to wear

There are various dresses that a bride can feel comfortable in, and it is not necessary to break the bank before one gets a dress that looks nice and fits into the bride’s idea of her wedding. From Western style ball gowns, to traditional and indigenous bridal trains, there is a gown that is always the best for bride. A few style examples include:

  • Corset wedding dress styles

For this style, the typical underwear becomes prominent as outer wear, and in most cases flares out at the hips to give a beauty and elegance of inexplicable proportions. Corset styled wedding dresses were a big thing back then and now, they are making a comeback. It is a bold style that fits brides that want to do something daring on their day

  • Plunging neckline styles

This style is the epitome of daring, and implies a bride’s willingness to make a fashion statement that makes her look absolutely gorgeous. It works for almost every body type; it looks absolutely stunning on brides with small cleavages, and downright intense on brides with an ample bosom. It is perfect for brides who are confident in their décolletage.

  • Modest styled wedding dresses

You can never lose with modesty. A modest styled gown has a timeless elegance when worn right, and would give the bride a classical, demure look. It is characterized by high necklines and low hanging hemlines, and most times, have long fitted sleeves.


There are a lot of styles for every bride and it is important to be creative when picking. Randomly picking whatever looks good in whatever magazine takes the fun and sentiment out of the process, and cheapens the entire experience.