If you want to upgrade your rank or level then you should focus on completing the missions as you will come to find plenty of missions in the game to enjoy. Once you start doing it you will come to know about different things related to the missions like some missions requires specialized car only to complete and likewise there are many different requirements. You can also play this game on your phone as all you need to go for is the GTA 5 download for android and your work will be done in no time.

So if you are interested in that then all you need to do is download the file and transfer it right in your device. Once all the files are transferred you will come to run the game on your smart-phone without any issues or any kind of worries. If you are facing issues in running the game then you can watch out the tutorial videos over the internet from where you will come to notice how to install the game perfectly.

Experience high graphics

This game consists of high in graphics gameplay as you can adjust the graphics right under the graphics settings. In this way you can adjust the resolution and enjoy the game right away. You will get tons of customization shops with the help of which you can customize your car and also be sure that you are having plenty of money before getting your car customized.

If you want to enjoy this game more often the you should start playing with your friends as you simply need to invite them and also the best part is that you can be able to communicate with your friends easily.

Involve with your neighbors

Around your home you will find other homes with neighbors living inside. You can talk to them and build a good relationship with them. That thing will help in upgrading your level in the game and also they will be very helpful to you. Make sure that you aren’t using weapons unnecessarily as that thing might make the people around you to run away.

Go to clubs and party

There are plenty of clubs available in this that you can visit and party. You can go with friends or alone as you like but going club with friends will let you enjoy everything. Also you can start a fight with someone in the club if you like but make sure that your car should be outside the club so that you can run at the time of the arrival of the cops.

Final lines

GTA 5 is the game completely about enjoying the open world. There is nothing you cannot do in this game so if you want to enjoy this game more then you should focus on the cars running on the streets. You can stop anyone and snatch their cars and start driving in any way you want.