A car subwoofer defines the sound of your music and giving you the best music quality. The music system in the car makes your journey or drive more fun and enjoyable. Thus it is a very complex process to choose the right sub box for your car. Moreover, there is no subwoofer, which is perfect for all car models. Some work better under certain circumstances, while others are not compatible.

It is good to do some research before you order the one for your car system. First, you need to be clear about what type and size of woofers best suit your car. Here we are going to look at different types of sub box and these products improve your listening experience.-

Enclosed sub box

The enclosed sub box is best if you don’t have time to design your customized sound system by using scratch. This sub box comes in a pre-mounted tailored box with no space for air to filter in and out of the box. If you buy an enclosed sub box, you will be assured of its tighter bass, which offers clear sound effects—these subwoofers when instead, in a car, it gives a classy look to your four-wheeler.

Component subwoofers

It is a simple speaker that needs to be installed properly in a subwoofer enclosure. Component sub boxes are available in different shapes and sizes in the market, or you can order them online. There are both high and low power subwoofers; you can choose any according to your need. It is perfect for those who want to design their customized system to develop it from the ground. In addition to this, you need an external amplifier to power the sub box.

Powered subwoofers

The powered sub box comes with an amplifier in the same enclosure. So there is no need to purchase an external amplifier. These subwoofers are best known for their compactness and take less space in your car. It is easily fitted in the given space where other woofers fitting would be impossible. But this sub box is small in size and are simple to install without making any additions to your system. If you are looking for big bass, then small amplifiers and drivers do not deliver enough power for it. 

Vehicle-specific subwoofers

These woofers are designed to easily fit your car system. When it is already installed in the car, its color matches the interior system. It also meets the requirement of big bass and can be easily installed. It doesn’t require much space in the car as it is small in size. Apart from this, the music quality is also very superior, and in this way, it takes care of your listening needs. You will find it either be powered or unpowered.

In the nutshell

There are different types of sub box available in the market for everyone’s music needs. But the quality of sound depends on the type o enclosure in which the subwoofer is mounted. You will either find a sealed or ported enclosure.