IPTV is the recent sensation in the media content telecasting arena of this digital era. If you plan to subscribe to an ip tv services, it would be better to look at the glossary of video streaming as below.

Video on demand – It is a recent sensation throughout the world as the number of internet users increased throughout. The concept of VOD is simple. The content head or the main server would contain all the movies, television shows, and other shows. The user will have a website or an application on his device that will show him all the available contents in the thumbnail format. So, the user will search for the movie he wishes to watch now and select it. So, the content head will receive an input signal from the user regarding his wish for the movie. So, the server will breakdown the data of that video into small packets and use the internet to transfer it to the user. The user’s device would have the necessary receptors to receive these data packets and the movie will begin to get streamed.

Internet video – Everyone would have spent three to four hours a day on YouTube. However, we would not know under which category of video transmission do YouTube videos come. If you do not know the answer, it is an internet video. Videos uploaded on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and all other social media platforms are known as internet videos. Since there is no necessity for a storage hub and anyone could start an internet video channel on these platforms, the concept seems outdated. However, still, several videos are roaming around the world in this format. You should have the internet to watch these videos and your environment could also be different.

Live streaming – Live is nothing but the present. Telecast or streaming is the process of showcasing an event through various devices like the television by a broadcaster. Hence, the live streaming process is nothing but the telecast of an action happening anywhere to the people who are watching the television or other video platforms at the same time of happening. There would not be any delays between the actual event and the events happening on your screen. If you ask for an example, you can consider sports events and their telecasts as an example. All the cricket and football matches you watch with “Live” below the channel’s logo would be live programs. Not only sports but also other vital news shows could also go live.

Time-shifted content – The major issue with a lot of people and their television is that the telecasting of programs that the users wish to watch at a duration when they would be unavailable. If you are a working professional, you would face this issue a lot of times. However, the time-shifted content is nothing but the media content that is telecasted a bit earlier that you watch after a few hours by recording it at the time of telecast.