You may be one of those homeowners who is planning to sell the home quickly to enjoy the profit. As buyers often outnumber the available properties, you stand a better chance of making much profit by selling the Condo in Ratchayothin area [คอน โด แถว รัช โยธิน, which is the term in Thai]. However, the process can be difficult if you ignore the practical things that have been helping the sellers over the years to gain profits from selling the condos. Here comes two major suggestions from the expert property managers and agents who can determine the best ways to sell your condo at the right price without much hassle.

Don’t ignore the peak period

Once you pout your condo on the listing sites, be ready to receive hundreds of inquiries and visits from interested buyers. If you start getting the calls almost immediately on listing the property, you have to realize that there is high demand for the condos right now. It is essential to utilize this peak period of demand when a property just enters the listing platform. You are new, and you will create curiosity. It is important that you don’t make any mistakes during this period, including asking for a high price, which does not have any justification considering the property that you are selling.

Don’t wait to sell

Waiting for the right time to put your condo on sale is often a big mistake itself. Waiting for the right time is often the wrong step as it is difficult to judge when you will get the maximum potential buyers. Depending on the average performance of the real estate industry, implying that choosing the month of February is a good idea, for example. People have completed the celebrations and have settled in the new year, ready to plan for a better year. If you can draw the attention right now, you can be out of the condo by spring.