360 Photo Booth | Slow Motion | Houston, TX

What is a 360 photo booth?


The 360 dream photo booth provides the user with the extremely fun and exciting experience of being able to capture a video in slow motion from all angles. The guest or the interested participant can easily capture the slow-motion video from all angles. All they need to do is stand on a suitable platform and use the slow-motion arm to record the video in a circle. This can be done automatically around them. 


The 360 booth is an ideal dream photo booth that is extremely versatile. It is one of the best photo booth options available that provide the user with the ability to record slow-motion videos from all angles. The other great aspect about this 360 photo booth is that it is extremely compatible. 


It can be used along with all the different versions of the various photo capturing technologies available in the market today. it is up to the user. It works perfectly with all kinds of devices. Buy a 360 photo booth today and enjoy it with your friends, family, and loved ones.


Whether the user wishes to use a smartphone, a tablet that has a great camera, an iPad, an SLR camera, a well-adapted GoPro lens, or even a great DSLR camera system. They will find it equally easy and comfortable to set up the 360 photo booths for sale to fit their preference. The 360 photo booth is well built to support the weight of all kinds of video recording devices. That not a factor the user needs to worry about. It can give great performance with all different devices.


The impressive ‘one-click trigger system’:


All the user needs to do is press, shoot the video and share it with whoever they want. It is an extremely simple process that can be completed and shared in these three simple steps. All a person needs to do is press one button to make all the best 360 angle videos. Buy a 360 photo booth and experience the fun for yourself.


The user is in complete control when they are using this fun product. It is very easy to set up. And the setup process takes close to no time at all. All you need to do is adjust and set the timer, the ramp-up arm, and the speed at which you want the video to be shot. Once that’s done, you can easily trigger the arm as well as the recording button at the same. You only need to press the recording button and you are good to go.


The entire setup process and the process to start the recording have been made hassle-free, smooth running, and convenient to reduce all the possible chances of errors and mistakes. These easy steps are easy to understand and follow by everybody. With full control in just one button click, it can not get any simpler. It has been customized and streamlined to provide everyone with the most fun experience.