A police verification certificate is a legal document that states that the owner’s history is clear; that is, they do not have any criminal record. In many nations, Police Check is a necessary document for all their citizens and, along with that, for the public coming from other countries. If this document is essential for your nation, you must also get it done to escape any governmental issues. Otherwise, there are chances that it could risk your freedom, and questions of illegality can also arise upon you. 

To get this document of Police Check, you have to pass a test, it has some questions regarding your past life, and besides that, you have to submit some of the certificates. If you are involved in any illegal activity in your past time, you may not get this document, or if you get it, then the procedure is different. This record is issued either by the police or by the government of the country.

If you don’t know the process of getting your police check done, then don’t worry. Here are some steps; following them, you can get your Police Check done online. 

    • Fill The Form –First of all; you have to download the online form, by filling which you will get your police verification done. There are some components and columns in the state you have to fill in the given directions, step-wise. Filling this online form is not a big task; it takes less than 5 minutes, and the details supplied in this form are also fundamental. Once you have done filling this form, you can move further to the next step. 
    • Provide The Required Document – once you have filled your form, you have to attach the required documentation to your state. The additional document could be your citizenship document, your identity verifying document, or any other document from the government. After attaching all the required files, you can proceed to the payment option. You can pay through your card or by linking your bank account directly. After the payment is done, you can proceed to your next step of getting your police verification. 
  • Get Your Certificate: After you are done with the above two steps, you need to wait for your result. Your certificate generally gets issued in 24 hours, and it is sent to the applicant on the provided mail, and the hard copy is sent by post. The important thing is to attach correct and updated documents for your verification. Because if these certificates are not right, then you can also get a refusal for your application. 


After reading the above points, you will get informed about the complete process of getting your police verification document. You can get your certificate online just by filing all the details and paying the fees. This is a confidential document that makes you secure and provides basic facilities and citizens’ rights. By going through the above-provided information, you will get complete knowledge of the secret police check document.