The directions for the examinations are quite clear, as well as you must not have trouble recognizing them. Why not have a look at the TOEIC sample test on the ETS website? Conversely, here is a failure of what you can expect in each examination. Likewise bear in mind that you can call your local ETS center straight for more information on all these examinations.

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TOEIC Listening and Analysis Examinations

Do you really feel anxious with nerves simply reading this? That’s typical, do not stress. Just kick back! You’ve got this!

The Listening, as well as Analysis tests, are comprised of seven parts overall. Responses are multiple-choice, easy, see?! You will obtain a workbook as well as a solution sheet to deal with.


  • Component 1: Check out a photo, pay attention to the directions, and select.
  • Component 2: Listen to a question or a declaration. Then listen to the three feasible feedbacks and select the appropriate one.
  • Component 3: Listen to some discussions between individuals, as well as address the comprehension questions that follow.
  • Component 4: Listen to a talk or a speech provided by a bachelor. Address the understanding inquiries that follow.


  • Component 5 and 6: The sentences are insufficient. Read, and select words that fit.
  • Component: Review the message and answer the multiple-choice understanding inquiries on your answer sheet.

TOEIC Talking as well as Composing Tests

Keep unwinded! You’ve still got this!


In this area, you address 11 concerns verbally. They remain in the following format:

  • Check out a message aloud.
  • Take a look at the image and describe it.
  • Listen and reply to inquiries.
  • Check out the info offered as well as reply to concerns regarding it.
  • Recommend a solution to an offered issue.
  • Express a point of view about a given subject.


In the creating examination, you will respond to eight inquiries. They are in the following style:

  • Check out a picture as well as create a sentence based on it.
  • Check out a question and jot down your solution.
  • Create an opinion essay.

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