Austria’s finest fast trains, run by ÖBB, are easily identified by Railjet spelled out in large letters on the side of the coaches.

However, somebody has noticed that putting the Railjet writing on the windows might ruin some of Europe’s most beautiful train trips. The ‘Railjet’ emblem is now under the glass on the most recently repainted carriages.

On the inside, ÖBB’s Railjets are one of the most luxurious trains in Europe, and they’re becoming speedier as they take benefit of more incredible speeds on re-routed tracks between Wien/Vienna and Innsbruck.

The on-board announcements are in both German and English. However, the easy-to-understand, bi-lingual digital information panels located in all coaches are especially a handy characteristic of these trains.

Traveling by Railjet is also relatively stress-free because of the ample baggage capacity.

In addition to all of these amenities, they offer outstanding ÖBB Fahrplan facilities, which comprises of the following:

ÖBB Scotty WebApp

You may use ÖBB Scotty to organize your trip by accessing timetable data for any sort of public transportation at any time. The application is free to download for all modern smartphones, tablets, and operating systems.

ÖBB Scotty now has a redesigned, even more, consumer-friendly interface with a responsive layout as a WebApp. The menu at the upper left contains all of the most often used features.

The rail radar was renamed “Livemap” with the makeover because all trips accessible in Scotty may now be shown on a map. Furthermore, below the item “Alarms,” services like your own search for straight connections with ÖBB Nightjet partners, as well as a new notification center, which have been introduced. A widget-maker may now be used to incorporate the departure monitors onto web pages.

ÖBB Fahrplan Images

You may download or print schedule pictures for trains run by ÖBB and other various railway companies in PDF format from this page. The images of the timetables are valid from December 13, 2020, to December 11, 2021.

When the usual timetable varies, the timetable pictures for the entire scheduled period are changed as well. As a consequence, please keep in mind the date of the most recent change. Simply select the appropriate schedule image from the table below.

Route information, which provides an overview of ongoing construction and traffic congestion, as well as an integrated map of Austria’s railways and highways.