Sometimes people travel together in different vehicles also to increase the level of safety. For example, if one of the vehicles stops working, the other can tow if it has the gender structure installed in the back or you cal call a towing service like towing service Suvarnabhumi ( รถยก สุวรรณภูมิ which is the term in Thai) for example. It is necessary to have at least one flexible and adaptable rope to perform this type of procedure. Interestingly, the traffic legislation indicates that this fact can only happen in emergency cases. Otherwise, the tax authorities can issue a fine.

Doing this type of procedure can only happen in places with poor lighting and security, not to mention that towing between cars with a flexible cord can only happen in small stretches. It is interesting to note that traffic legislation does not allow this type of service because of increased traffic problems, such as when the rope breaks and the vehicle collides with automotive units in the rear.

When such problems occur, vehicles that are being towed must at least have the engine running, when possible, in addition to having a driver who activates the brake in case of a break in the flexible cord. In any case, the utmost care must be taken to avoid collisions in the back.

According to experts who opine on internet blogs that focus on bringing solutions to automotive problems, the best way to tow between two cars is to use couplings that are composed of excellent quality metals. In the popular medium, this type of procedure is called “cambão.”

It is interesting to note that this type of procedure needs to be performed with the highest quality in terms of the hitch and the characteristics related to the structure used to pull the trailer. The structures that connect one vehicle to another need to be specific to do this type of procedure. Don’t think that any piece of iron can have the strength to ensure the vitality of the towed car and traffic safety.