One of the greatest needs of students is to stay focused and focused on their studies especially those studying English for Elementary students (ภาษา อังกฤษ ประถม ปลาย which is the term in Thai). However, lack of attention is very common because there are several distractions everywhere, and, more than organization and motivation, the student needs to absorb what he is studying with quality. After all, you have to learn for all those hours devoted to studying to be worthwhile.

With that in mind, we have separated three simple and practical tips for you to achieve a satisfactory state of focus and concentration in your studies and to be able to absorb with quality what you are studying without procrastinating. Check out:

1 – Build A List Of Activities

This practice makes you organize better and does not forget any task or content to be studied. Identify what the priorities are and measure the average time to perform each scheduled activity. Start with topics that are easier to absorb. In this way, you eliminate what can be completed quickly and redirect the remaining time to subjects with a greater degree of difficulty.

2 – Keep Distractions Away

When the notification of a message on your cell phone arrives, and you feel the need to check and respond soon, know that this habit is very harmful during study times, as it is a source of distraction and loss of focus. So, keep your electronic devices away and don’t have to worry; the messages and emails will still be there later on.

3 – Use A Productivity Technique

Spending hours and hours studying won’t make you absorb all the content. The ideal is to put on the list a time to rest, where you will eat, watch television, check social networks, do some physical activity, or anything else that makes you disconnect a little. However, it is essential that this break is also time-limited and that it is adhered to. For this, the Pomodoro Technique is a good option, as it consists of keeping the focus on a certain activity for 25 consecutive minutes.