While searching for generative artist projects on the web, you must have encountered Botto. It has been an infant project that guides the artistic direction of the community by using your votes and, in turn, rewarding you with Ethereum. Clear your mind with the discussion given here.

What is Botto?

Botto is an experimental project that guides the community into aesthetic art by creating at least 50 art pieces per week and allowing the community to vote for the most pleasing one. This way, the votes are used in training Botto’s algorithm for determining what kind of art the world wants. Thus, the art is generated and critically governed by the community only.

What is the Ethereum wallet?

The interactions on Botto are based on the Ethereum blockchain, which is why it is necessary to set up an Ethereum wallet. For your safety and ease, the website recommends MetaMask as an easy-to-use wallet (also acts as a backup wallet with a secret backup phrase) where you can send and receive funds. The Ether (ETH or Ξ) you need can be bought from either Coinbase or Transak via bank transfer, ACH transfer, or debit/credit cards. Now when you have Ether in your wallet, you can buy Botto tokens from the app for further voting rights.

What are Botto tokens?

Botto tokens are your stakes to be deposited when you vote for your favorite art pieces. For participating in the voting process, you will need to buy some Botto tokens from platforms such as Uniswap, where you can exchange your Ether for Botto. when you click confirm for the transaction, you will soon find the swapped Botto tokens in your Botto app. These Botto tokens will now act as your stakes (deposits), which you would use in generating the Voting Points (VP) for influencing the art piece to be minted in the next auction.

How to participate in voting and auction?

For participating in voting, you need to first stake your Botto through the Botto app. For generating the voting points, you deposit your Botto and make a transaction for the confirmation of your stake. Once the transaction is confirmed, you will be able to participate in the upcoming voting. In the app, you proceed by clicking ‘start voting’. Then choose the art piece you like and submit your votes when you’re sure. Your voting determines the art that will be minted and auctioned.


  • Does Botto deal with cryptocurrency?

Yes, before you begin with Botto you need to have some basic knowledge of cryptocurrency and mainly Ethereum. Since a lot of mechanisms are based on the Ethereum blockchain, you will have to learn about the Ethereum wallet, internet payment options, privacy settings, and transactions.

  • Is Botto an experimental project?

Yes, Botto is still in its experimental stage. It has been working with a large team of artists, contributors, and visionaries. With constructive conception, planning, modeling, and building, it will soon be launched as an autonomous community. This project has its interpretations and a vision to create market value for unique art to be monetized.

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