At Ufabet, there are a few alternatives to the fixed odds betting which is the alternative including:

  • Live/in play betting
  • Exchange betting 
  • Pari-mutuel betting
  • Spread betting
  • Esport betting 

Each of the above involves some sort of risking money on the outcome of the various sports events in one way or the other. But they tend to all work in different ways. 

Live/ in play betting 

It is based on a fundamental that is the same as the fixed odds betting on sports as wagers still get placed on fixed odds. However, there is one difference which is very significant. With the fixed odds betting, wagers have to be placed the event start. But when it comes to the in play betting, the wagers can be place when the event is ongoing. It is what then opens up a new range opportunities for betting, and it is proved to be popular incredible with the bettors. 

Exchange betting 

Exchange betting does use the fixed odds, but they don’t have a bookmaker involved. Instead, the two betting parties who are wagering are bettors. One bettor backs the selection while the other one lay the selection. The person who lays the bet is acting as the bookmaker, offering the other party fixed odds on their selection. If the backer happens to be correct, then the layer has to pay them the agreed odds. If the selection of the backer is wrong, then the layer receives their stake. 

Spread betting

There are no fixed odds involved in all the spread betting, and a wager does not simply lose or win. You need to choose whether a particular number will be lower or higher than what the bookmaker posted a spread, and the amount you will lose or win will all depend on the amount which is lower or higher the number is. 

You can for example wager on the total number of goals which have been scored in a game of football. A bookmaker might post a spread of 203 and there is a need for you to decide whether you think there is will be more than three goals or less than the two. 

To back more than three goals will mean that you are buying the spread. For each goal that is scored past the three level, you will have to win one multiple of your first stake.  In case it happened that five goals were scored, you will end up winning twice your first stake. 

To back less than the two goals will mean that you are selling out the spread. Your payout or your losses would be calculated. You would stand to win if there is less than the two goals, then you lose when there are more than two goals

Pari-mutuel betting

The pari-mutuel betting is mostly used for wagering on horse racing, but it can be used for various sports as well. It is a form of wagering which removes the need for a bookmaker, and there are no odds which involved here also. For each of the betting specific market, everyone stakes are paid in a particular pool.