We are stuck with ugly underwear because we know that we need to keep them in case we get our period and we won’t want our “pretty panties” to get stained. We are all guilty of this. We have a special stash of menstrual underwear that we wouldn’t dare wear on regular days. The one specific thing I had about them is that they make me feel ugly.

Underwear can either really boost or break a woman’s confidence. It has a psychological effect on the person wearing it that most people find shallow, but honestly, being able to feel good in your skin (and the clothing materials that touch it) is no easy feat. Most women struggle with this is a daily basis.

I am one of those women. Thankfully, I can count my period as one less worry since I discovered period undies. You read that right – they are undies I use specifically when I have my period. No, they are not the same as the ugly undies that I use with sanitary pads (those pesky adhesives can really ruin my day!). These are stylish and comfortable underwear that you can just put on and go about your day without having to worry about leakage! Imagine the amount of freedom it gives!

I own about a dozen of these. I did not do a lot of research before I did, and I bought way too many thinking I will need to change it ever so often. The first time I wore it was very stressful for me. I kept checking for stains and the entire day was a steady burst of trips to the bathroom because the voice in my head kept insisting that there is a leak down there.

Guess what, there never was. My underwear did its job, and I have been in love with it ever since! They come in different colors, designs, and they even come in styles you can feel really sexy in! Imagine having your period and being able to wear thongs! I know, it’s awesome, right? It gives you the freedom to wear whatever you want and as someone who has felt restricted for more than half her life, this has definitely changed the game for me!

I have been using it for a while now, and I had more issues with sanitary pads than I had with my period undies. That says a lot considering the fact that I still live a pretty active lifestyle. I mean I am relentless when I do my house cleaning and that is a very physical thing to do. I am also able to do my usual activities feeling like any day is a normal day, wearing my regularly gorgeous underwear even when I have my period. I can relax and be confident that there will be no leakages and stains or that my pad will move out of place. It’s such a comfortable way to get through the week, and I am loving it!