There are some bong frequenters out thinking exactly what the term Percolator means and whether or not Percolator bongs are helpful. A Percolator is an apparatus for your water pipe or bong. It helps in cooling down the smoke. And this assists smokers to obtain smoother hits and minimal coughing. They come in ranges of shapes and sizes and also have diverse designs for diverse bongs. No doubt Percolator bong is a cool thing that you can buy.

Percolator bongs working-

Usually, Percolator is in a dome shape but later on, they have been found in different kinds of crazy designs. Basically, it’s the additional water chamber for your bong and it typically lives into the tube of the bong. The water is there into it and is another filtering process for your smoking.

After pulling smoke from the bong, it works together with water into the bowl. When it is moving up the tube the smoke works together with the water for another time into the percolator.

There are two ways that this process cools and filters the smoke efficiently.

Firstly, the smoke is having another chance to get in touch with the water that is obviously going to cool it. Also, it permits for a greater surface area of smoke to get in touch with the water again making it cool.

Also, it works by breaking down the bubbles into small sizes because of the pressure into the Percolator. It means a cooler and smoother hit from the bong.

Do Percolator bongs affect you high?

No doubt is there in saying that Percolator is successful at cooling the smoke. The apparatus is making smoking easier by inhaling. If you have a problem in hitting the bong, try one with Percolator and see how it goes.

The more pertinent question is whether or not it affects you high. Some people assume that Percolator increases the absorption of THC but this is wrong. The Percolator doesn’t make you elevated than any ordinary bong.

Bit more THC is lost in bongs with Percolator than bongs devoid of it. Though the added water doesn’t make any difference, a bit more is lost to the glass of the additional chamber.

The difference is so little that it will not have any impact at all. Mostly the people claim that it is worth the smoother hit.

Reasons to use Percolator bongs-

1-     Improved smoke taste-

Nonsmokers would think if smoke is having a taste. Yes, it has. That is why you find vapes in numerous flavors. Percolator bongs create a similar effect. It extracts the purest vapor from cannabis and holds it for a long duration. This permits you to hit a bigger high with several drags. Also, you can feel the taste of herbs going through your throat into your lungs.

2-     Handiness-

For people who don’t want to take the trouble of rolling a joint, Percolator bongs are the best substitute. All you have to do is filling the water chamber and pour some cannabis. As the smoke begins spreading inside, take a deep drag and see how enjoyable life is.


By now you know all the important things about Percolator bongs. Whenever you plan to smoke, consider opting for it as you will feel different.