Poker is a card gambling game in which the minimum requirement for players is 2. In the game the amounted of maximum and minimum bet is decided before the games begin. Players have the option of fold, bet, raise, call, and check. If they choose to fold, they are out of the game and loose their bets and second round continues.

Players can bet in the first round according to the minimum and maximum amount decided beforehand and they can choose to raise the amount in the same range decided. 

Players can check in the first round which will allow them to stay in the game without having to bet money. They can call in the next round to bet the same amount as before.

Poker has many variations and one of them is Poker qq which is a combination of domino and poker.

Domino is a tile game or block game in which the dominos which are the gaming pieces in the game that are rectangle divided into half with number dots on it. The dominos sets are also sometimes called deck or sets.

The combination of these two games Poker qq is very similar to poker and uses nearly similar basic rules. It uses the set of 28 domino cards and it was developed in Indonesia. It also has the concept of pots that is used to store the bets of each player. Mostly players are required to pay a basic amount of bet in the pot before the game starts.

Then every player is dealt with three domino cards on the table. This game also provides the options of bet, fold, call, raise, and check just like in poker game. In the first round if the rules permit which may vary according to different sites, a player can check in if no one has yet bet in the first round. They can also fold if the cards are not looking good. In the second round the player can choose to call to bet the same amount as the first round.

They can raise in the second round or choose to fold and if every player except one has fold in then the remaining player wins even if their cards are low score and this is possible due to bluffing.

A player can also win the last round during the show of the cards in which if compared to the remaining players their score of the hand is high.

The game contains special cards which are similar to poker hands and give the players an advantage over others.

This game is very famous in Asian countries and is also gaining popularity globally as the game is interesting to play and requires skills and not just luck.

The game can be found on almost any Asian gaming site due to the demand. When choosing a site to play the game pay attention to the security and safety of the site for the data of account and also for transactions. 

You can also search for sites that have jackpots which area added bonus for players. Many sites also offer tutorials for new players so if you don’t know how to play the game you can always visit those and understand it.