Human beings being among the most social animals that we are have a genetically irresistible urge to want to connect with other humans. This has been the case ever since we started evolving. Even are distant cousins, the monkeys and apes show similar characteristics. They live in small groups that often interact with other groups from surrounding areas.

Over the years, as we evolved, these often blood-related groups started associating and living together in comparatively larger communities. These communities went ahead to establish the early forms of civilizations and as they say, the rest is history.

This need to form bonds with other individuals was an evolutionary trait that intended on the safety of the group because of its larger population. But as time passed, forming social associations is not limited to protection alone. They also provide the necessary connections, offer greater opportunities, and prove to be generally beneficial overall. More the people you know, the better for you.


The rise of social media in recent decades has only proven to be extremely advantageous to this cause. People are no longer restricted to connect and communicate with other people in their vicinity. The entire world has been connected by a single web. This same web makes sure to make interpersonal connections with people living extremely far away easier and more convenient by the day.

Social media:

The birth of major social media platforms across the world have connected people from different corners who couldn’t have ever known each other otherwise. Initially Facebook and now Instagram is revolutionizing social connections formed over the internet. 

Instagram followers:

One’s popularity and reach offered on these social media platforms are gauged by the number of friends or followers they have on their account. The more the number, they’re the perceived value of status and fame is higher. And calculations based on these equations tend to be true in most cases.

Most times than otherwise, the accounts with the maximum followers on Instagram tend to be personal accounts of celebrities, models, actors, influencers, and other famous people or happen to be linked to someone or something famous. 

These Instagram followers following these accounts follow them to keep up with their lives and experience what the daily lives of people in the limelight are like.

On Instagram everyone has a certain number of people following them but who doesn’t want more. People promote their posts through the accounts of their friends and family to increase their reach and ultimately to increase the number of followers they have.

Instagram can prove to be an extremely beneficial form of social media through which people can connect with like-minded individuals across the internet. Connections and interactions among people are no longer limited to the vicinity and physical closeness. 

The internet has made sure to make the who world a single international community. And Instagram too plays a vital role in this. Apart from an unlimited reach to people from across the world, Instagram also provides greater opportunities and helps open multiple new doors.