Social media has a big impact on our life. You cannot live without it for personal as well as professional reasons. You stay in touch with your loved ones through Instagram. Also, you must be in touch with your loved customers through Instagram. There is more than one reason why real Instagram followers are essential to gain more sales. Not just that, it opens the door to new business opportunities. 

When you have a fair amount of real Instagram followers, it makes your brand more trustworthy. It helps you in building a reliable and authentic page. All of these things are only possible if you have real Instagram followers. If you have a small audience you must organically try to build them. People perceive low follower account as unauthentic. People take your account more seriously if you have quality content along with thousands of followers.

It does not mean that you focus your energy only on the amount of real Instagram followers. You have to come up with quality and engaging content, which is relevant to your target audience. Spamming people on their DM’s to follow you asking people on the comment section to follow you will not lead you anywhere. You have to make sure that the people who are following you are the real Instagram followers. Only then you can have the power to influence them. They will be interested in the products you are selling. 

What are the other ways you can use your Instagram account?

You can gain money on Instagram in multiple ways. If you are a brand, it will help you in selling more products. Also, introducing new products and keeping your audience up to date about the latest offers going on. It is the one way of looking at it.

However, what is that you are not a brand; but, you still want to earn. It is possible if you have a good amount of real Instagram followers. You might be a blogger or an influencer. Here, you can use your influencing power to gain more profits. It opens the door of affiliate marketing. For example, you are a beauty blogger then, a beauty product company pitch you to advertise their products on your Instagram page. You promote that beauty product on your stories, post, and IGTV. You have to add a coupon code. Your followers will add that coupon code while checking out to get a particular discount. Whatever they purchase, the company will give you some part of the revenue. This way you can earn more. 

It is not limited to the product; you can even promote services. You can even promote some other page. For example, you are on a meme page then, you can promote other meme pages and charge some amount. The more real followers you have, the greater the benefits you will receive. 

However, certain things can harm your account. Don’t promote any and every product. If you like the product then only promote it. If you don’t like the promotion and find it fishy and you still promoting the product, then you are fooling your audience. This may hinder the authenticity of your account.