After social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter grabbed the globe by storm, it was only a matter of time before companies included social media methods into their online marketing strategy. Pessimists previously maintained that the effects of social marketing were unquantifiable. That was before. Now, every social media marketing business may define quantifiable, real, and statistically and qualitatively quantifiable criteria.

Recently, another breakthrough in social marketing occurred, which should delight every social media organization. According to a survey, 36% of customers who follow a business on social media were motivated to try new items after seeing corporate updates, while 18% of the US market purchased a particular product or service as a result of their friends following them on social media.

What exactly does this imply? This implies that an smm agency with a well-thought-out strategy and methods can now provide organizations with additional value beyond consumer interaction and brand growth. This kind of internet marketing may now have a tangible effect on a business’s bottom line through monetary gains.

Leveraging Consumers’ Proclivity For Impulsive Purchases

This occurs to everyone. You’re strolling around the mall, past window boutiques with no intention of purchasing anything. Then something grabs your attention. Thus, you enter the shop just to “ask.” However, the sales pitch is superb. Thus, you pull out your wallet and before you know it, you’re already at the cashier, paying for something without pausing to consider your purchase.

Evidently, a social network corporation may use this buyers’ proclivity for impulse purchases. According to statistics, 22% of consumers who follow businesses on social media were motivated to make an impulse purchase. There is further good news. 15% admitted to spending more than anticipated as a result of social networking sites’ impact.

Increase Foot Traffic In Stores

Many people visit a mall without having a particular store or brand in mind. They’ll go around and inspect numerous businesses before making a choice.

Now, data indicates that 44% of customers with social media accounts are impacted by social media sites when deciding which retailer to visit. Additionally, online evaluations published on blogs and other social channels influenced the shopping decisions of 43% of social site visitors. This essentially implies that a smm agency may now impact customers’ brand preferences throughout the very early phases of their decision-making process.

At first, there were concerns about how a social media agency might add to a brand’s broader online marketing strategy. Today, with solid quantitative evidence such as those discussed above, the business case for social media marketing is growing stronger, and if current trends continue, social marketing approaches will soon become vital.

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