Putting the wrong sort of fuel in your tank is a regular and honest error. Humans are prone to making blunders. However, fueling a petrol engine with diesel is not a typical occurrence. The fundamental reason for this is the advantage that petrol automobiles enjoy in terms of nozzle size when refueling.

The biggest issue is with the engine’s functioning system. Diesel engines utilize gasoline to lubricate the engine’s internal elements, which poses a significant difficulty. According to the mechanism, fuel gushes into the interior elements of the diesel engine. Furthermore, because fuel has no lubricating capability, it will severely harm the engine. When you put the wrong fuel in your automobile, it not only reduces the horsepower of your vehicle but also destroys several critical components of the gasoline delivery system.

Petrol in a diesel car

This is an undesirable occurrence that might result in significant engine damage. It is simpler to miss-fuel a diesel automobile when the nozzles on gasoline dispensers get smaller. Unlike gasoline automobiles, diesel engines compress the fuel before igniting it, and the fuel is then forced into the engine’s internal components to lubricate them. This is where the issue begins. The petrol that circulates in the integrated elements of the diesel engine is difficult to remove.

The lubricating quality of diesel is critical to the correct operation of the fuel injection pump. Because gasoline is incapable of doing that task, the results are unequal. The worst thing is that miss-fueling in diesel automobiles takes a long time to notice, and by the time you do, the car will be spewing black fumes out the exhaust pipe, moving sluggishly, and eventually stopping.

Things you can do 

Diesel vehicles are less forgiving than gasoline vehicles. There is a good possibility you will wind up with a significant cost if the ignition is switched on with the improper fuel in the tank. The main reason for this is that as soon as the engine is started, fuel gushes into the internal engine components, which require lubrication to function correctly.

Do not start the vehicle

Whatever occurs, if you discover that your diesel car’s tank contains the incorrect gasoline, do not start the engine. Your automobile is safe as long as the petrol is in the tank and the engine is not running. Tow your automobile to the nearest service station and get the tank drained with the help of a skilled technician. After flushing the tank and main fuel line, refuel your automobile with diesel and cleanse the nozzles with an additive. Even if the key is turned to the ignition slot to move the car to normal, cars with automatic transmissions will produce oil into the engine.

If you have driven your diesel car with fuel in the tank for a while, the petrol has most certainly been pushed to every nook of the engine. As soon as you notice your error, stop your car, switch off the engine, and call for roadside assistance or a tow service to transport your vehicle to the nearest authorized service center. Hire an expert to work on your vehicle.