It can be challenging to create your own psychedelic painting at first. However, with some basic tips it can be easy as pie. There are many different techniques and tools you could use, but before you start experimenting with different ways of creating a trippy art or psychedelic painting, here are some tips that will help you get started. These five tips will help you design a beautiful work of art without the need for too much prior knowledge or skill.


Get Your Mind in the Right Place


The first step to creating a psychedelic painting is getting your mind in the right place. You need to be relaxed and comfortable, so choose an environment that you feel at ease. Some people find it helpful to listen to music or nature sounds while they paint in order to reduce outside distractions.


Keep it Simple


Keep it simple with your first psychedelic painting. You shouldn’t feel overwhelmed when you’re starting out. It’s okay if you don’t know what to do, or if you can’t make the paint look how you want it to. Remember that with any new skill, practice makes perfect- even when it comes to painting!


Combine Colors with Shapes


We all have a color palette that we are drawn to. Whether it’s red, pink, or green, each person has some shades they like more than others. However, beyond the colors you use in a painting, shapes matter too. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your trippy painting, try combining two or three different shapes together. For example, you could put together a triangle and a circle for an interesting visual effect when you look at it from different angles. This technique is also great for filling empty space in your painting and creating something new with the same old tools.


Experiment with Textures


Trippy paintings are known for their vivid colors and textures. So, it’s important to experiment with different textures as you paint. For example, you can apply a thin layer of watered-down water on your canvas before painting for a subtle effect. If you want more dramatic effects, try using different oils and acrylics to create an even richer texture.


Add Color Gradually


One of the most important things to do when it comes to painting is to add color gradually. This is true for any type of painting, but psychedelic paintings are especially susceptible to looking blotchy if you don’t add the colors at a measured pace. To avoid this, start with one or two colors and then work in others once those are blended well.


You’ll find that it’s better than trying to paint everything at once because you can see how they’re all working together as you go. You’ll also have time to adjust what you’ve done if something starts looking too crazy or overwhelming.


Psychedelic painting is not difficult to do, but it takes practice. By following these five tips, you can create your own psychedelic painting.