Gone are the days of the whole family sitting in the living room to watch that one show that everyone has waited for the entire week. If you take a look at the same scene now, each family member will have one screen in front of them and each person will be watching something different. Families rarely sit together to watch television now, and this situation is going to change again when some new technology comes our way. The great thing about today is that you can watch content anyway you like. Be it traditional television, hd iptv streaming, Netflix, YouTube, on an old television, new ultra HD sets, on your phone, iPad etc. the choices are endless and there is something for everyone.


If you want to take a trip down the memory lane, you can get one of those VCRs that everyone used to have and buy or rent movies to watch with your whole family. This way your kids might also learn about how it was back in the day; it might be a good experience for them. It might take you to your childhood days, you can even choose an old classic which your kids probably might not have seen.


These were all the craze a decade back and if you had to be considered cool and hip this was the answer to that problem. A lot of people still have these, when they came out the picture quality combined with new flat screen TVs had changed the game. The said thing is that they were not popular for a long time, as soon as the internet became popular their demand decreased. One of the cons was the price of the whole system, till the end they were not cheap and only people who could afford it or were passionate about watching movies could get it. A lot people in the 20s right now might remember these but it is highly unlikely that anyone in their teens would have a memory.


In the past decade IPTV providers have seen a huge jump in demand, this is because of the cheap and fast internet which is available so easily. In almost every household chance are that you have this installed. This technology has changed the way content is consumed by everyone. IPTVs usually come with a set top box which uses the internet to stream channels to your television, this way you don’t have to wait for show to air again and you can watch it anytime you want, the quality has also increased compared to previous generations. Purely streaming platforms like Netflix or Amazon prime use the internet to stream content available on their service to any device, there is no constraint. You can watch them on your TV or your phone, laptop, iPad etc. Your kids might not even have heard of anything else.