When you bought your computer system or laptop. You must have experienced that it ran very smoothly and without any problems. But after overtime use the speed and the overall performance. Gets decreased. The reason behind this issue could be your computer’s storage. After many installations and uninstallations of various s third-party applications, various junk files get stored in the computer storage which decreases the overall efficiency of windows OS.

Although window has some inbuilt tools to help you to clean unused files and programs, for the best solution you must use a good computer cleaner. There are many applications available on the internet that are free to use and some of them are inexpensive.

Listing down some of the best computer cleaners:-

CCleaner professional

CCleaner professional is one of the best options for users. As the cleaner is an all-rounder and has the most affordable price compared to other rivals cleaners. It contains a lot of tools that help us to perform various activities like scanning junk files, identifying all the malware in our device.

The detection of junk and unused files is very optimistic so after the use of this cleaner, we could expect an overall performance boost in our computer device. The pros of this software are that its interface is not user friendly and simple rather than it is quite complex so users may take time to adapt to this software.

IObit Advanced System Care

As we have seen in CCleaner professional, users find the software a little complex. Then the best alternative to this could be IObit Advanced System Care. This software has a modern user interface that feels so great and handy for users.

Taking about the performance, it can create a decent amount of storage and also RAM, too. Not only this they have a comprehensive set of tools available for various other works that a user want to try out. All these exciting features come with an affordable price range.

Do computer cleaners work?

To answer this question first we have to understand the working of a computer cleaner. They work by targeting all of the inefficiencies that pile up on your computer system. It also performs several tasks like:-

  • Clearing the caches of various programs.
  • They limit the processes from using RAM in the background.
  • They eliminate all the corrupted registry files.
  • Finding and removing all the duplicate and temporary or duplicate files.
  • They scan and find all the malware, then delete them.

To get the maximum output from your computer cleaner. You should try to run cleanup at regular intervals. It will be a good habit to make a routine of scanning viruses and malware on your device.

Final takeaway

Most of us have a very wrong mindset that a computer cleaner is going to make our computer just like a new one. Rather than a computer cleaner clean up your device and help the system program to operate smoothly and quickly. You won’t experience much lag or freezes and crashes as usual.