The watch’s glass can vary from simple to very modern, resistant, and even anti-reflection. The good thing is that each of these models can make your accessory a hit and well protected! Want to know how to choose the ideal glass for your watch? 

Choosing The Ideal Glass

Look, the first detail is to take into account the model of your watch like the Rolex lady datejust Because the glass is made to fit right in each type of accessory. In addition, you can choose the model that best suits your needs: for example, there are anti-glare types, waterproof, thinner models to protect the viewfinder, and thicker types of glass, great for those who play sports doesn’t want to risk it breaking. And it’s still worth taking a look at the colored glasses, which look very lovely on more stylish watches.

 How To Take Care Of The Glass

Now, the main tip to take good care of your watch glass is to keep it clean. Therefore, you can only clean with a dry cloth or, if it is filthy, rub a little alcohol on the cloth and rub it lightly on the glass.

And every day after using it, it’s good to take a look to see if it hasn’t cracked or if it has a bit of dirt from the street! When it’s time to wait for the clock, invest in those protective boxes to ensure that the accessory is well protected.

Changing The Glass

But, if even with all these cares the glass broke, cracked or is very scratched, the ideal is to change it! So, for it to stay right, it’s worth taking the accessory with this new piece to a watchmaker, who has all the tools to do this job and make your watch look nice again!

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