Apparently ten percent British individuals have committed travel cover fraud. Sure, most may have made exaggerations, instead of getting claimed to possess been conned of the million pound winning lottery ticket, nevertheless its still a large amount of lies. Worse, the following elevated premiums hit the pockets from the honest undeserving people that use their United kingdom travel cover in legitimate ways.

It isn’t all bad though, also it causes it to be even more rewarding when individuals cheap travel cover scammers are uncovered – particularly in the way a few of these holiday makers’ shame is made public:

It is best to be Original…

It’s possibly better if individuals with no creative bone within their body don’t constitute some strange United kingdom travel cover claims, because very frequently they’ll exhaust innovation and tell exactly the same story two times. Well, two times could be understandable, what concerning the man who claimed costs for getting his appendix removed no under eight occasions during vacation in Cyprus? However many people are really creative, but create a simple error – such as the lady who claimed for losing exactly the same eye five occasions, with various explanations every time. These unique tales incorporated losing it throughout an attack, even though jumping right into a pool!

That isn’t incorporated within the Cover

Another man had cardiac arrest during West Africa. A part of his claim for costs incorporated the receipt from the brothel, which switched out is the backdrop to his cardiac development. It emerges the man felt he didn’t get full value in the experience, so thought his United kingdom travel cover company should feet the balance for that visit!

Don’t blame the Apes!

In another demonstration of visitors being imaginative using their travel cover claims, a few told their insurers that apes had stolen their costly camcorders when they shot footage of these in Gibraltar. The reality switched to be much less exciting – they’d been dropped and damaged.

Obviously, it’s not only the field of cheap travel cover that will get scammed – here’s the best using their company industries…

Hell hath no rage…

Getting just effectively claimed £385,000 price of compensation, a guy was as reported by his wife for exaggerating the injuries he’d endured inside a vehicle crash. He’d been pretending to become crippled for 3 years, why did the wife turn him in just as he got the payout? He’d just announced his intends to leave her!

Bang to Legal rights

But my own favourite may be the man who was simply claiming compensation to be not able to operate following any sort of accident. A quite reasonable claim, until his amateur football team announced him their player of the season, and the photograph made an appearance from our newspaper. Unsurprisingly, his insurance provider were more than pleased to listen to of the interesting thought…

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