Pigmentation is the general reaction shown by our skin with respect to the external Environmental factors, internal body conditionor aging. although there is nothing wrong with it and it is completely natural, People can be conscious about their body and skin.

This is what Pigmentation treatment novena is there to help you with. So that, you can rebuild your self esteem and confidence to go out in public and stay comfortable in your skin.

If you Interested in knowing the natural fixation of pigmentation, Here is a list of home remedies that you can try for this cause.

  • Grated papaya juice

The fruit papaya has such enzymes in it that can help you get rid of the dead cells on your skin. all you need to do is extract the juice from the papaya and apply it on the affected area of your skin. You do this for a month and you will see visible results.

  • Paste of almond And milk

If you have a dry skin, you can go and try this remedy. Almond is known For its natural fatty acid properties. It has the power to nourish your skin. on the other hand, milk helps to lighten the skin.

  • Crushed pulp off banana and guava

This remedy surely makes my mouth watery. The pulp of guava helps to lighten your darkened skin and so does banana. Therefore you can use this paste on your darkly pigmented areas of the skin.

  • Avocados

avocado is not only good for your body if you want to lose weight, but it also helps you to restore your youth and give your body energy to heal itself. Avocado is rich in vitamin C along with fatty and oleic acid.

  • Cocoa butter

The antioxidant nature of cocoa butter helps your skin too feel relaxed and at the same time heals the damaged skin. you can get a lot of body lotions available in the market that has cocoa butter in it. it not only nourishes the skin but also helps with the hyperpigmentation.

  • Castor oil

if you want to have a smooth and silky skin then you can use a mixture of Castor oil and vitamin E. a lot of people use the same on their face while getting facials. vitamin E is good for both skin and your hair.

These listed natural remedies can be used in an interval on regular basis. the best part about going with the natural remedies is that there is no side effect to it. in addition to that, if by God’s grace you do not have any pigmentation problem, these things can help you maintain a healthy and glowing skin. 

The only thing to be kept in mind when going with natural remedies is that it requires a lot of patience, effort and time. if you are willing to give this, You will surely get the best results in return.