This post will let you know setting up a Minecraft server on Windows Server 2016 in the steps that follow (vServer, Cloud Server, Flexible Server).

A connection to the server must be established

  • Connect to your server remotely in the first step. If you haven’t already done so, you may enter the Cloud Panel and set up access. To begin, go to the Login page and enter your login credentials.
  • From the “Server & Cloud” menu, choose the server you wish to host Minecraft on and then click the “Install” button. The “Remote Desktop Connection” item has a download link at the bottom of the page. Click on it.
  • Open the file by double-clicking it once it has been downloaded or selecting “Open with” immediately. 
  • Using the “More choices” drop-down menu, choose “Use other accounts” after clicking “Connect.” In the “Initial password” line, you’ll discover your server’s initial password if you haven’t already provided one.

Obtain and set up the Java Runtime Environment

As previously stated, the official server software for Minecraft is the Java edition thus, you should now verify your system for an up-to-date version of the Minecraft Java servers

This may be done by downloading the Java Uninstall Tool and then running the program immediately after it has been downloaded. When you click “Agree,” the program will check to see whether you have the most recent version of Java installed. If you do not, it will prompt you to do so.

The chosen service provider will tell you whether you need to update or install Java. The “Get Java” button should be pressed after the previous Java version has been removed.

Obtain and set up the Minecraft-Server Download software on your machine (Minecraft: Java Edition Server). When the JAR file has been downloaded, copy it to a new folder on your server and execute it from there to begin the installation process.

Share the port

All possible participants on the local network or the Internet must be able to connect to your Minecraft server through an open port. Minecraft provides the TCP-Port 25565 by default. 

The “Incoming” menu section may be found by clicking on the installed operating system. Incoming and outgoing traffic from web servers, such as HTTP/HTTPS, is routed over port 80 by default on the IONOS servers. Enter port 25565 or your chosen port for your Minecraft server in the input line.

Take part in the game

Your own Minecraft server is now up and running after you pick the best provider from where you can rent or buy the service. At any moment, you may invite Java Edition Minecraft players to join your multiplayer gaming world. Simply share your server’s IP address to do this (this is also the address you connect to when you connect remotely). Cloud Panel (under “Infrastructure > Server”) allows you to access the IP address of your Minecraft server at any time.

Note: When your Minecraft server is available for use, make sure to enjoy it! At any moment, you may invite Java Edition Minecraft players to join your multiplayer gaming world.