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An Ulu Pocket Knife is a handy must-have for anyone. However, it should always be handled with care to prevent accidents and mishaps. This allows you to make the best out of the pocket knife without harming yourself or your peers. Read the following safety tips when using an Ulu Pocket Knife.

Use The Knife Properly

The first step is to establish a “safety circle” whenever you use the knife. This simply means that there should be a wide berth surrounding you whenever you use the knife. To measure the recommended area, hold out the knife at arm’s length and spin around. It is safe to use when you do not make any contact with anything or anyone.

Additionally, it is best to cut away from you when using the knife. You must also handle the knife with your dominant hand so that you will have full control over its movements and pressure.

Learn How To Open And Close

The beauty of pocket knives is that you can easily open and close them, which makes them portable. As such, it is important to take advantage of this mechanism and to strictly follow it. Whenever you wish to use your Ulu Pocket Knife, make sure that the knife is fully opened and the blade is locked in place. Once you are done, the blade must be fully tucked into the handle and locked up.

Passing The Knife

Another golden rule is to only pass the knife when it is closed down. You may pass the knife while it is open, but you must do it properly. You must place the handle into the recipient’s hand, with the blade pointing away from them. The receiver should also be able to acknowledge that they are ready to receive the knife.

Proper Care

Your Ulu Pocket Knife will only be an effective tool if it is properly maintained. Proper maintenance ensures that it won’t malfunction and thus, it prevents any mishandling issues. The knife must be kept clean and it should be sharpened regularly. Dirt and grime may cause it to rust and degrade. A dull knife also means that you need to exert extra effort just to use it, and that will lead to accidents.

Avoid Improper Usage

The Ulu Pocket Knife is versatile on its own, but that does not mean you can use them for practically any task. It is still important to strictly use it for its intended purposes. For instance, avoid using it to pry open objects as the blade could snap and hurt you. Don’t use it to carve metal or cut hair since there are other tools designated for those tasks.

These tips will allow you to make the most out of your Ulu Pocket Knife. These safety tips may be simple but they yield great results that ensure your safety and the knife’s efficiency. Visit for more information on ulu pocket knives.