Many jewellery owners complain about their rings turning their fingers green. Such complaints are even more popular with sterling silver jewellery. Does that mean their jewellery sellers duped them into buying low-quality jewellery? Not necessarily. Fingers becoming a little green after wearing silver rings, doesn’t mean that the ring’s quality is poor or that it’s made of fake silver. The development of green layers on the skin depends on various internal factors related to the rings’ metal compositions and some external factors. 

Understanding the Nature of Silver 

Pure silver is only available in liquid form. So, silver jewellery is made using alloyed silver. Copper is commonly for alloying silver. This copper-silver allow is called “sterling silver.” Copper adds durability and sturdiness to silver jewellery. So, will sterling silver turn your finger green? Probably. That’s because copper tends to create green layers when worn for long periods. However, not all people get green fingers after wearing jewellery pieces made of copper. That’s because different people’s skin reacts differently when exposed to copper. The differences stem from the amount of chemical content in the skin, the types of skincare products a person uses, and their natural sweating patterns. So, sterling silver doesn’t always cause fingers to go green. But, if people use the wrong products or expose their sterling silver jewellery to moisture for long periods, their fingers may turn green. 

A Problem That’s Easily Avoidable 

The question that most jewellery owners ask is “Does 925 sterling silver turn green?” Instead, they should be asking what they can do to prevent their fingers from turning green. They should avoid exposing their jewellery to water and certain chemicals in beauty or skin cleaning products. Any material that promotes oxidation should be avoided as they accelerate the colouration process of the fingers rings. Simple steps like taking the rings off while going for a swim can easily avoid this problem!