Instagram is being used by a huge amount of people in the matter of business promotion for so long. People all over the world right now understand the concept and value of digital marketing and for that they also understand the beneficial experience they will get from using Instagram among other social media platforms.

Instagram is famous from 2010 when it was first invented and due to the huge popularity, the CEO and owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg bought the platform. You may have been wondering till now that why there are some visible similarities between Facebook and Instagram and the reason is that they are both being operated under same authority. That’s why people get to see options like ‘sync with Facebook’, ‘Post in Facebook’, etc. 

To find out ways to ‘ganhar seguidores no Instagramshould be your only focus if you are trying to run an online business through this platform.

The more followers you have in this medium, the more chances you will get to become famous or successful soon. It doesn’t matter if your business is big or small one because big brand owners have to do things to entertain their existing followers and focus on luring more seguidoresgratis. Whereas, the small business owners should try to do everything to attract as many followers possible to make them the potential clients.

After creating your Instagram account or converting your personal profile to a business one, you should fill up the bio section completely and then post things that will make the users interested on you.

Here, we will discuss about the things you can post to entertain the ‘seguidoresInstagram.’

Talking about the favorite thing of yours

According to professionals, you should share your favorite things with your users to make them feel closed with you. It can be anything like your hobbies, your favorite tool, dish, tv-show, etc.

You can use the stories option to share this and after that the replies and reciprocation you will receive from your potential customers, you should definitely reply them or at once to thank them and make them know how you appreciate their responses. 


If there is any upcoming event where you will be participating to promote your business, make sure to remind your followers. Invite them and make them understand how important it is for you to have their presence. The invitation and event both can be virtual here. That is the beauty of digital marketing.

Share someone you like

The business you are running, if there is someone whose content and services inspire you, make sure to share things and mention the brand on your Instagram account even if he or she is your competition.

It will let the other owner feel appreciated and you both can later make collaborations and try to conseguirseguidores.

Posting about cheesy statistics

You can share any cool statistics about games or other things that are trendy. Like tv shows and use hash tags while asking ‘who also have watched this?’ It will show that you are trying to interact with your fans and the effort will be appreciable.