Disposable vape or e cig are known to be the simplest of the various vapes to both maintain and use. They are normally quite small devices which are similar in size to a usb drive and they come when they are already pre-filled with about 1.5ml of nicotine salt eliquid which is about 50mg strength. 

Once the e-liquidthat is in the disposable gets finished, it will cease to fire. When this happens you will have to throw it away in an electronic waste bin and start to use another one. Most disposable vapes happen not to have any buttons as they are draw activated. You simply have to inhale in your mouthpiece to vape. That is what there is to it. Disposable vape that are good offer a draw that is quite tight and satisfying hit in the throat which closely tend to mimic the sensation gotten from having to smoke a cigarette. 

The disposable vapes don’t require any maintenance or anyprevious knowledge and tend to be good for newbies. You can pick one and start to use immediately. Vapers who are veteran will love disposable as they are a backup that is quite great to use whenever your main mod is still charging, or even when you don’t have to carry it around a bulky vape.

Using a disposable vape

To use a disposable vape is quite simple. You will need to take it out from the packaging and remove the silicone or sticker plugs from the device. Once it is done, you can then inhale using the mouthpiece and start vaping. 

You don’t need to worry regarding refilling or recharging an e-cig that is disposable. Once it is over, you will need to throw it away in the bin for electronics. You cannot throw it in the regular bin for trash as they have lithium ion battery and thus, you have to properly dispose it.

Pros of disposable e-cigs

  • It is easy to use
  • The draw which is tight mimics the cigarette
  • No need for maintenance
  • No recharging needed
  • No need for refilling 
  • Quite portable
  • In the short time, it is known to be cheaper

Cons of disposable e-cigs

  • It cannot be refilled
  • It is not customizable 
  • It is less powerful
  • It is less flavorful as compared to the other vape types
  • In the long run, it is expensive.
  • It is wasteful
  • Compared to the mod and tank setup, it has a shorter usage time

Is a disposable vape the right one for you?

It depends with individuals. If you are out trying to make the switch, then the disposable might be the right way of starting to vape. They provide a draw that is satisfying and as the throat hit and nicotine which you might be looking for. 

If you are a vaper who is experienced who needs to have a backup device, then the disposable vapes might also be good for you. When you device is charging, you will have something that you will vape on.

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