Democratic soul-searching followed the 2016 election. What went wrong? How did an ignorant opponent beat us? How can we win 2020? Many people are questioning how we got here instead of how to get there. Our party has fundamental political strategy misconceptions. We believe our mission is to persuade voters with facts and policies to win elections. These perceptions have misled Democrats for decades, and as long as we remember them, they will.

Who Chooses The Issues In A Democracy

For Democrats, the question of who gets to choose which issues are on the table is critical. We need a Democratic Party that is willing to take risks and push the boundaries of what is possible in politics. We need leaders who aren’t afraid to be characterized as radicals, idealists, or even socialists, says Jared Kamrass.

Republicans have been adept in wielding power because they have a clear strategy: they have made it their aim to eliminate any policy initiatives that will benefit working families, regardless of how popular or vital those policies are. And they’ve done so by stifling debate in Congress, seizing control of state legislatures across the country, stacking courts with partisan judges, gerrymandering districts so Democrats can’t win elections anymore, and, most recently, shutting down the government over funding bills to avoid passing legislation that would help people who need access to health care services.

We Need New Images And Stories That Show People As They Are

We need new images and stories that show people as they truly are. We must forsake the narrative and instead concentrate on how we can all work together to build a better society. We must tell stories about people, not just policies. And, according to Jared Kamrass, we must pay special attention to those who have been left behind by our current political system: poor people, people of color, immigrants, and refugees–vulnerable populations who have been ignored for far too long in favor of talking points or talking heads on cable news networks.

Democrats Must Represent Voters’ Reality, Not Ours

Democrats can no longer presume that everyone shares our priorities. We must be able to communicate with them on their terms and in their language, not in ours. More significantly, democratic strategists must gain a better understanding of why people vote Republican or do not vote at all – since there are numerous reasons why they might not.

Democrats Must Lead With Strength And Grace, Not Weakness And Humility

Democrats must take a more assertive stance. Instead of continuously apologizing for themselves or what they stand for, they should be more proactive in making their argument for why they should be elected. Democrats should not be afraid to take risks that could pay off handsomely if they are correct–and if they don’t work out, it is better to try something new than to continue with something old because it is comfortable.

Democrats Must Rethink Political Strategy

It is past time for Democrats to rethink political tactics. We must abandon tired old pictures and stories that no longer reflect today’s reality and instead engage with voters in ways that reflect their reality, not ours.

This is especially noteworthy given how much the media landscape has evolved since 2016, and how social media platforms have hastened this transition. When people talk about media today, they frequently allude to these two platforms in particular–and understandably so.