Though jobs in Malaysia offers internship, there is pros and cons to the same. internship is known to be beneficial to your CV because it becomes foolproof way of demonstrating that you do have some work experience and other skills for workplace. The skills might be relevant for your profession, which is important for your CV, but you could as well learn other skills that include communication and skills that matter where people are which might be valued by future employers.

For  you to be able to maximize the potential for skill learning, you will have to keep a diary for internship. A diary for internship is what is able to allow you to be able to document your experiences in the workplace daily.

At the end of your internship, you will have successfully documented each skill that you gained and you will at the same time be in a position of demonstrating the way you gained it. It is something that is going to help you to include the skills in your CV and also to share your experience during an interview.

The cons of internship include the following:

You get to be treated as an assistant

You might have heard about interns spending their days having to get coffee, make photocopies, run errands and perform other tasks which are menial. That is due to the fact that, most of the companies tending to take advantage of the interns, seeing them more of assistants than prospective employees.

If an internship is not giving you an opportunity to learn will be offering you little to nothing and thus, you are better off if you don’t go working for companies which treat you in that manner. To make it possible, you don’t get to be treated like a slave, carry out a research before you apply for the internship. Talk to tutors, read reviews, and career representatives at your university to be able to find out more about what they stand for.

The potential for earning is low

Internship normally have quite low potential for earning. Unlike the full-time proper job, majority of the internships which pay don’t offer a wage that is competitive to try attracting talent. To intern for the wrong company might leave  you in a very bad situation financially.

It is worth to note that, things tend to be changing. The number of companies that offer no pay or that pay for only the expenses for out of pocket tends to be decreasing, while there are some great firms are beginning to offer more competitive salaries so that talent is attracted.

It prevents you from having to enter the workforce

Most of the internships happen not to be jobs which are proper with most employers considering them to be a waste of time thus, not considering them when choosing a candidate with real world experience instead of an intern. It might mean that whether you intern or not, you are still going to have a hard time getting your first job.