When you think of a foosball table, you probably don’t immediately think of accessories. But that’s because foosball is such an essential and popular game that has so many different pieces to it. You see, for a game to be considered foosball, there are a few attributes that have to be present. If you’re looking to play with friends or get into the competitive side of foosball, then it’s important to invest in high-quality accessories.


That way, not only will your game be up and running every time, but so will your reputation as a foosball player! To help you navigate the world of foosball accessories and keep your game up and running, here are these top tips:


Don’t Forget About The Rackets


Did you know that foosball tables are almost exclusively played with wooden or plastic tables? While that might seem like a throwback to the sport’s infancy, it has some very real advantages. For one thing, the fact that foosball is played on a table means that the rails are always intact and the ball doesn’t fly all over the place. There is also less chance of the table getting dirty, dinged up, or scuffed up.


Add A Belt-Drive Table


It’s no secret that foosball requires a special kind of table. While most foosball tables are powered by a ball bearing, belt drive, or roller bearing, there are a few that are belt drive only. These tables are super-versatile and can be used for just about anything! If you’re a foosball pro who plays regularly, then a belt drive foosball table is a must.


Paddle Stands Are For Life!


Foosball tables come with a standard configuration with 4 rectangular paddles and a square-shaped stand. While they look pretty darned normal, they have a few notable design features. The paddles are permanently attached to the stand via a pin, which means that they can’t be removed. This is great for keeping the table clean, but it also ensures that the paddles will never break.


Foosball Tables Need To Be Maintained


You’re probably wondering why this articlekeeps mentioning maintenance. Well, the reality is that it’s not just about keeping your foosball table in tip-top form. It’s also about maintaining the look and feel of your table. Here are a few areas that you should keep an eye on:


– The underside of the table

– The top of the table

– The stand


You Can’t Have Too Many Bases


At first glance, you might think that this article is suggesting that you should play with as many people as possible. But that’s not the case at all. It is strongly recommended that you stock up on the best bases that money can buy. Foosball is all about teamwork and, to maintain the integrity of your team, you need to have the right equipment. When you don’t have the best Kicker Zubehör (Foosball accessories), you can end up with a game that doesn’t play as well as it could. And that can be a costly mistake!




The foosball table is an essential part of any foosball collection. It allows you to play the game with friends or to compete against other foosball teams. If you’re looking for the best foosball accessories that will keep your game up and running, then look no further! We have the perfect