There are wide ranges of club drugs that are being used by teenager all over the world today. These drugs are able to alter one’s judgment and even consciousness especially after prolonged use of the same. Among the most commonly abused drugs you will find in the market today include Gamma-Hydroxibutyrate, ketamine (2f-ketamine), Methamphetamine, Rohypnol, Ecstasy among many others. These drugs may have different nicknames in the streets but are mostly illegal for sale for recreational use. Here are some of the common side effects to using them. Remember with serious overdose cases of these drugs, the earlier you call for emergency help the better it will be for the recovery of the victim.

Sudden and recurrent memory lapses

Ecstasy and ketamine are among the club drugs which when used may induce memory losses from time to time. The neurons are attacked when these drugs are used hence serotonin is secreted in excess. Too much serotonin in the system can affect the memory of an individual. Ketamine abusers are especially more likely to experience short term memory loss after using the substance for a long time. Poor coordination of body parts and impaired senses are also among the side effects of these club drugs to the brain and general body.

Risk of getting hepatitis

Drugs that are abused intravenously can be very dangerous as they encourage the spread and contraction of diseases like hepatitis and H.I.V and A.I.D.S. Most of the club dugs you will find today tend to damage the liver the most hence leading to its inflammation. This is because these drugs have an effect on the metabolism of food in the system and that can cause terminal illness for instance hepatitis. Conditions like jaundice may also begin to manifest from the same case.

Behavioral problems

The reactions of a drug on the human brain last for longer than it does on the other parts of the body. Behavioral change is observed in those that use the drug recurrently for pleasure. They may begin to lose focus, show deterioration performance whether at work or school, reduced appetite, absent mindedness, confusion and no control on body movements. There are users who may also injure themselves when using drugs like ketamine so be watchful for any symptoms and signs that a relative or friend may depict indicating signs of drug abuse.

Damage to nerve endings

There are different types of club drugs that people use today in the name of having fun but almost all of them can affect the nervous system. Drugs like ketamine are known to block the neurotransmitters and also affect the nerve cells in the body and no wonder they may great sedatives when used for surgeries and managing pain. Drugs like serotonin when used can affect the nerve endings which ultimately lead to their damage. The effects can even be worse if the ketamine is combined with other drugs like alcohol and cocaine.