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Lack of time is the most common excuse when a motor vehicle like a slide car (รถสไลด์  which is the term in Thai) for example is poorly maintained. Work, family, various responsibilities: they all help ensure that we don’t take the few minutes that would be enough to do minor maintenance ourselves. And that doesn’t necessarily require the services of a mechanic.

What If There Wasn’t A Time Problem?

You don’t have to be a mechanic or an electrician to have fun maintaining your car. It only takes a little manual skill. In addition, the law sets tight limits for hobbyists to work on motor vehicles, which they must not exceed for safety reasons.

Do It Yourself: Yes, But Not Everything

There is a legal basis in every country that stipulates which activities on motor vehicles can be carried out by whom. In Germany, for example, all repairs and services on vehicles must be carried out by specialist workshops. Excluded from this are washing the car in designated locations, refueling, changing oil, replacing air and oil filters, or topping up coolant. However, the relevant standards for air pollution control and waste disposal must be observed. That being said, there are still numerous ways to deal with the body and the interior. And that with results that can turn out to be gratifying.

We Start With The Tires And The Engine Oil

To gain confidence and taste for working on your car, you can start with the most basic and economic controls. These have the potential to prevent serious and costly damage. This includes checking the tire pressure. You should also check whether the four tires on the vehicle still have enough remaining tread. The same applies to the spare tire, if available.

Refilling certain fluids is also essential, starting with engine oil. You should change the engine oil after approximately 15,000 to 30,000 kilometers. With average driving behavior, this is every 12 to 18 months. A small red oil can is one of the most important warning lights in a car. It lights up as soon as the oil needs to be changed. But do not wait so long, but orient yourself to the change intervals in the car manufacturer’s manual. Many workshops also stick a note in the car indicating the mileage at which the next oil change must occur. You should not ignore this appointment. This is especially true for vehicles that are mostly only used for short journeys. Because sporadic driving with an engine

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