Portable Bluetooth wireless keyboards are pretty much the trend these days. More and more people are going for wireless devices and systems for various reasons and keyboards are not an exception. There is a range of these types, from multiple different companies, which also comes with multiple features, styles, and designs, and with different price ranges. 

Types of Wireless Keyboards

Wireless keyboards come in different types. Some of them include;

  • The standard-sized wireless keyboards. These are the normal, full-sized keyboard layouts, and are the most common of its kind.
  • The foldable wireless keyboards. These are built with hinges that allow you to adjust and fold however you need them.
  • The touchpad portable keyboards are also a type of wireless keyboards that are built with a touchpad and are easily portable.
  • The roll-up is one of the rapidly upcoming wireless keyboards that you can easily roll whenever you are not using it. It is easily portable and easy to set up and use.

How Wireless Keyboards Work

There are different types of wireless keyboards all of which are supported by different frequencies and use different technology. Check them out below;

The Bluetooth Wireless Keyboards

These portable Bluetooth wireless keyboards are one of many people’s favorites these days. Bluetooth is one of the easiest ways to just sync your keyboard with a computer. However, this is only usable over a short distance. It allows for data transfer and doesn’t need a wired connection. You can use it for gaming, office use, and just about anything.

Radio Frequency (RF) 

This is also one of the most popular methods to sync your computer. Unlike Bluetooth, these can be used for long-range, up to 100 feet apart for the same models. They use the broadcast method same as the wireless WI-FI network. However, they are more to the expensive side and are pricey than Bluetooth.

The Infrared

These use light waves to connect to computers. It is also one of the most popular transmission methods for most wireless devices. It uses the same mechanism as the TV remote controls. However, it requires a direct line of sight and therefore rarely used for keyboards. Typically, the infrared keyboard loses connection once an object is placed between it and the computer.

Projection Keyboards

This is another method to connect your computer to your computer without any cables. They mostly use light to connect. They do not have any extra components but a projector unit. These are best for those who travel frequently. This is because they have a simple setup, with a small physical presence, yet it allows you to type and use a whole full-sized keyboard layout.

Overall, the type of wireless keyboard you get would really be determined by how you are going to use it. Some of the things to consider, in a nutshell, include the distance range, in-line sight, space, and such. The market price, as well as your budget also goes into the type of keyboard you get.