Dr. Wayne Lajewski is a dedicated physician with more than two decades of expertise in internal medicine and is skilled in making diagnoses and formulating plans for the most effective treatment. He is making reasonable life adjustments and preparations for preventive care. He is the owner, founder, and director of a prosperous, well-recognized, professional, multi-disciplinary firm that generates $3 million in revenue annually.

At one point in his career, Dr Wayne Lajewski completed an internship and residency in primary care at the Yale University Medical Center. Aside from that, he is a retired Lieutenant Colonel from the United States Army, where he served as Chief Medical Officer in the Aviation Unit from 1996 to 2013, both in the United States and when deployed overseas in hostile environments.

An Internal Medicine Doctor

A doctor specializing in adult nonsurgical health problems and the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of illnesses is known as an internist. Internists are another name for internal medicine doctors. They are sometimes referred to as a “doctor’s doctor.” This is because other doctors sometimes seek out their area of specialization and need them to serve as consultants in diagnosing health issues that are perplexing or ambiguous.

Medical Specialty Of Dr. Lajewski

Diseases in adults are the focus of internal medicine, a medical subspecialty concerned with their detection, analysis, and treatment. The field of internal medicine was developed in late nineteenth-century Germany as a way to integrate laboratory medicine with patient care. Internists are MDs who specialize in treating adults. Doctors in residency programs are distinct from medical students.

Specialists in internal medicine like Dr Wayne Lajewski are often sought by their colleagues for assistance with complex cases. Many individuals see internists as their first point of medical treatment. Internal medicine specialists often see patients in a medical setting. Internal medicine specialists have spent at least three years of their seven-year medical education and residency focusing on diagnosing and treating diseases in adults.

Medical doctors specializing in diagnosing and treating internal organs and systems diseases are called internists. Internal medicine specialists treat the whole person. Both chronic conditions and patients with many disorders at once are within the scope of care for internists. Internal medicine specialists have the skills to decipher the most obscure and difficult diagnostic puzzles.

Internal medicine specialists get training to manage patients with various medical conditions. Diseases of the heart, liver, lungs, kidneys, and gastrointestinal tract are just some conditions internists are trained to diagnose and treat. Physicians specializing in internal medicine are qualified to treat patients of any age, including teenagers and the elderly.

Many internists choose subspecialties, such as hospitals, sleep, or sports medicine. Internal medicine specialists may help with things like hormone imbalances and blood issues; some even provide chemotherapy for cancer. They are also effective against parasites, germs, and other pathogenic agents. While some physicians choose to specialize in only one of these areas, many general internists are trained to handle any of these conditions.


Internal medicine specialists help patients learn how to improve their health and avoid illness. When necessary, internists often coordinate their patients’ treatment in other settings, such as hospitals and nursing homes. Internists treat patients of all ages, from teenagers to the elderly. Internal medicine specialists are pleased to look after their patients for the whole of their lives.