Hashtags are one of the crucial aspects that is important for growth on instagram. Every page owner looking for an increase in follower Instagram should take it as a line of stone that is they want to grow, then using hashtags is necessary. If you are new to the platform and want to grow, then you need to study hashtags in detail and, later on, start making strategies to develop and use those hashtags.


Different types of hashtags 

If you will start with the hashtags and look at them in detail, then there are three types of hashtags that most of the pages use to attract follower instagram. They are as follows.

  • Brand-specific – If you have to build a specific brand or have a niche with plenty of pages online, then the hashtags related to your business are known as the brand particular hashtags. These hashtags are less in number and are very narrow in the category. If you want to start a new hashtag for your business, it will lie in this category.
  • Content-specific- No matter the niche of two different businesses, some content is the same for both of them. Now the hashtags related to the content and not the industry are known as the content hashtags. The amount of hashtags present in this category is very high.
  • Trending hashtags- The final category of hashtags is the trending hashtags. Sometimes some hashtags get trended due to some external activities or trends that people are following. Such hashtags are needed to be inserted as they are the only ones who can change your instagram followers’ numbers overnight.


Hashtags related strategies 

A person is allowed to post only thirty hashtags with the post that they make. Now what the owner does is find the hashtags of all the three types that are mentioned above. After that, one should follow the below-mentioned theory.

  • First of all, they should divide the hashtags into three parts. The first one is those hashtags that are used more than a hundred thousand times in posts. These are mostly the short hashtags that one can think about and are most commonly used. The other ten will be used from about ten thousand to a hundred thousand times in posts. The last ten will be those which very few people have used. It means that the posts should be less than ten thousand.
  • You should place all of these hashtags in your posts but take care that there is a proper mixture of brand, content, and trending hashtags in them.
  • When you are using a hashtag in one post, the next is that you never use the same hashtag in another post. You should keep rotating them according to trend if you want your instagram followers to increase.

If you continuously follow all of these tips, then it is sure that you will start seeing a growth in your instagram followers’ numbers. The only condition is that you need to be consistent at your work and never miss on hashtags in any post.