Online sports betting has become a trend now and is widely played across the globe. It allows us to play our favorite game but with a twist. One of such famous online sports betting is แทงบอล.  Football is a passionate game that is worshipped by many across the globe. However, before you decide to invest in แทงบอล.  Let’s understand its glossary.

1) Accumulator- It is the แทงบอล, in which the player raises stakes on various outcomes of the come. To win the bet, all the outcomes must be predicated correct.

2) Action- It is the bet that you make.

3) Against the Spread- It is the wager made on which team would cover the spread.

4) Ante Post- It is the situation, in which you can invest in แทงบอล, in advance, preferably in a week, months or a year prior. 

5) Arbitrage Betting: It is the type of แทงบอล, where you can utilize the highest odds from various bookmakers on a single sport. 

6) Beard- He is an acquaintance or friend of the bettor who places the bet instead of the bettor to conceal his real identity. 

7) Bookmaker/ Bookie- It is the company or online platform that has a license to arrange แทงบอล,. One of such online platform is UFA007

8) BTTS- It stands for both teams to score. 

9) Canadian– It is also known as Super Yankee. It compromises 26 bets with 5 selections on different occasions. This includes 10 trebles, 10 doubles and 5 fourfolds with an accumulator. To win the payout at least 2 predictions must be correct. 

10) Cash out- It is the trend in which a bettor can settle a bet before the result is announced by cashing out his previous bets. 

11) Chalk- It is the favorite team or player.

12) Chalk player– It is the bettor who raises its stakes on the favorite player or team. 

13) Clean Sheet- It is the situation, in which a football team win the games without any conceded goal or point. You can also bet that a team will win with a clean sheet by betting To Win To Nil.

14) Dog/ Underdog- It is the player or team who is expected to lose the game.

15) Dog Player- It is the bettor who raises his stakes on dog or underdog player or team. 

16) Doubles- It is the accumulator with two selections. To win the payout, both the predictions must be correct. 

17) Exposure- It is the maximum amount of money a sports bookie can lose a game.

18) Favorite– It is the player or team that has the most chances of winning the  แทงบอล.

19) First Goalscorer- It is the แทงบอล on the player who will score the first goal in the game. 

20) First half bet- It is the bet placed on the first half of the football game. 

21) Fold- It is the number of selections made in an accumulator.

22) Hedging- It is the bet placed on the opposite outcome of the originally predicted outcome of the game.